Why support

Gifted - the docuseries

There are many issues associated with organ donation and transplantation. These issues span from political to financial, from spiritual to moral. Because healthy organs continue to be buried every day and the need for those organs is enormous, these issues have to be addressed. Gifted-The Docuseries will tell the complete and accurate stories of both tragedy and victory to encourage a nationwide social discussion.

we can't do this without your help.

To date, Gifted Productions has been completely funded by its members. Now, we’re asking for your help to raise the funds needed to complete production, allowing Gifted-The Docuseries to make its way to major streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime and ultimately save more lives.

No amount is too small, and every dollar will help ensure this powerful series is produced and the inspiring truth behind organ donation and transplantation is shared with the world.

Our Philanthropic Partner

We’re proud to partner with The Maddog Strong Foundation for our fundraising efforts in support of Gifted–The Docuseries. The Maddog Strong Foundation is a public 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization created in honor of Maddie “Maddog” Grobmeier who passed away unexpectedly from an asthma attack the day after her 18th birthday. Maddie inspired many by donating her organs and tissues so that others could live on to do amazing things for the world.

The donation and transplantation community's response to gifted- the docuseries

As the parents of an organ donor, we understand first-hand the lasting impact donation makes but most people don’t. That’s why Gifted-The Docuseries is so incredibly important. It will bring a national audience the experience and show the lifesaving impact donation makes on a grand scale.

The purpose of this whole project, to get the word out for people to understand and to talk to their families, that would be the single most important thing that could happen.

As a donor mom, I have watched and read many stories about transplant recipients. There are very few that touch on the organ donor. Gifted-The Docuseries encompasses ALL aspects of donation. This would have been very beneficial at the time of my daughter's death. There were so many unanswered questions. Gifted-The Docuseries sparks curiosity about the process of organ donation. When curiosity is sparked, deep cycles of learning can be achieved. Once a person has learned, I feel confident that this series will empower them to say “yes” to donation.

The Production journey

Stage 1:
The Trailer

The trailer will introduce sponsors and contributors to the project. The trailer is fully funded and was completed in July 2021.

Stage 2:
Pilot Stage

We are currently seeking funding to produce a full episode pilot which will be developed, tested and used to shop the Gifted Docuseries to streaming services and networks.

Stage 3:
Season One Stage

We are also seeking funding to produce the full season after the series is picked up. A full five-episode season will be developed and released.



The award-winning production team

Robert Horsey, RN, BSN, CPTC

Executive Producer

Robert is a novelist, screenwriter and critical care nurse who has dedicated most of his career to the field of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. He authored the book, Gifted, and is a keynote speaker and subject matter expert on the topic of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Ted Green

Executive Producer

Ted is an award-winning writer and filmmaker who has produced seven films that earned 21 regional Emmys including Best Documentary as well as countless national awards for journalism and filmmaking. He holds a BA from Princeton University and a Masters from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Josh Hester


Josh is an Emmy-winning video producer with 20 years of experience creating compelling corporate films, television commercials and online marketing video for businesses and causes. He holds a BA in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago and an MA in Communication from University of Illinois. Josh is also an FAA commercially licensed drone pilot.

Chris Costello

Production Team

Chris is an Emmy-winning video producer. His production experience includes corporate film, television commercials, online marketing video and a number of independent projects and films. He holds a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Illinois and is an FAA commercially licensed drone pilot.


Kevin Christensen

Production Team

Kevin comes from Fullerton, California with over 13 years of experience creating documentary films and corporate video. Kevin has produced travel films and tourism videos for our National Parks and the Bureau of Land Management. Kevin is also an FAA commercially licensed drone pilot.